It’s time to write my first blog!

I’ve been very busy working on the website, Facebook page, business cards etc. But we are getting there =) It’s all pretty exciting! Even though we just started 2 weeks ago, we’ve already had our very first job over the weekend- creating a beautiful Father’s Day breakfast table! I can’t believe how much fun it was to come up with the whole styling idea and I have to say- I am pretty satisfied with the final result. Have you seen it yet? Go check it out here!

I’m obsessed with Pinterest and got too many ideas in my head at the moment. I just uploaded (or ‘pinned) some of my work too and had my first few ‘likes’ and ‘repins’. So that means those people like my work which I’m really proud of! If you are on Pinterest, please check out my mood boards and follow me.

For now, I’m out to enjoy the lovely weather with my beautiful daughter.

Have a wonderful day! Xoxo

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