Natalie Marie Jewellery – Engagement & Wedding Rings for the Unique Bride


I, personally, am just not a big solitary diamond girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love it on other women but when me and my partner were looking around for engagement rings I just didn’t feel myself when I was trying them on. It might be because in The Netherlands, where I’m from, it’s not very common to have a rock on your finger and I’ve always liked to be a little bit different.

This means I’m always looking for more unique designs. And this is how I found Natalie Marie Jewellery. I just literally fell in love with her amazing designs! This Sydney-based jeweller has some serious talent and has got her own unique style. This is a “result of years of experimentation, design play and artistic exploration. An arts background, including a fine arts degree at Sydney College of the Arts, has given Natalie a unique approach to jewellery design, one that is not constrained by traditional approaches”.

To have a look at her beautiful collection visit

You would also love to check out her Instagram as it’s very pretty!


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