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Wedding favors are a great way to show your guests you appreciate their love and support on your special day. Favors are not to be confused with welcoming gifts, which are given to out-of-town guest upon their arrival at their accommodation. Welcome gifts don’t have to be super special – even a local map and visitor information will do.

Back to the wedding favors. One thing to remember – wedding favors should be either drinkable, edible or useful. Although I do think wedding favors should be personal, just keep in mind that outside of your immediate family, there’s a limited demand for keepsakes with your name and wedding date on them. It’s a much better idea to send your guests home with something to nibble on during their drive home for example. Or something they can use or look at for a long time.

To give you some more inspiration I listed some of my favorite wedding favor trends of 2014. Enjoy!

Hometown Pride
Something I personally like (maybe because our family and friends are from all over the world) is to give out a specialty food or wine related to the wedding location along with a note explaining the connection. Just think of oil, jam and honey in very cute little jars. If you have a lot of guests from overseas, I can guarantee you that a local New Zealand wine is always a big winner!

Photo source: Style Me Pretty and Cherry Blossoms and Faerie Wings

Photo Memories
Photos make a fun favor too. Photo booths are very popular now and a great way for your guests to have fun and take home some photos of your special day. You could also hire an extra photographer for an hour to take portraits of guests against a beautiful backdrop when they come in. Most people don’t get the chance to get dressed up and photographed by a professional very often, so these make wonderful keepsakes. Send them out after the wedding in pretty frames.

DSC_0274_edited-1 Photo source: Avery Lane

Grown with love
Give out flower or plant seeds packaged in tiny bags, personalized with your names and a thank-you note. Also, the seed filled papers are very cute and fun to decorate with. The only things your guests need are dirt, water and sunshine! Sure, this has become a go-to wedding favor, but the best part is – long after the big day, guests will watch the dainty blossoms (and the memories) spring to life.

IMG_0309_lg b8cded65a7d0f6fd901cab16ccfad57a
Photo source: Craft Stylish and Martha Stewart

The same as with the seeds – for your guests to take home a plant will keep them thinking of your wedding long after you said “I do”.

Photo source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Cupcakes and Macaroons
Cupcakes and macaroons are the perfect treat. You could ask your professional baker but if you have a very talented friend or family member who makes the most delicious (and beautiful) cupcakes or macaroons, you could ask them to bake for your guests as well. Get cute cupcake or macaroon boxes and let guests take them home or enjoy them right away.

69509fb1eb18c552ec86348050d7017e f5acd88b4990c0571fa9f150f7663aba
Photo source: Pinterest and Flickr

Takeaway Flower Centerpieces
A really fun and clever way to give away your centerpieces. Just decorate the reception tables with an array of flowers that guests can gaze at while they dine, then take home with them at evening’s end.

536_mg_2600$!600xPhoto source: Style Me Pretty

Wedding Cake
Give out personalized cake boxes for your guests to take home a piece of the wedding cake so it doesn’t get wasted.

e0ccd38eddf5ebbaabc8fb9f378a766e DIY-Stamped-Favor-Box-Wedding-Ideas-15-300x449
Photo source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Candy Buffet
Oh, I love this one! Let your guests fill up take-out boxes, personalized with your name and wedding date, with lollies of their choice.

Photo source: Couture Candy Buffet

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